Why does the JE description say “Receivings Transaction Entry”?

This question came up in a forum recently - not in this exact form - but essentially the question was “where can you change the description of a transaction from a Dynamics GP Receivings Shipment or Shipment/Invoice”?

The short answer is, it’s very well hidden but it is there, and most users don’t see it and generally it stays at the default value which is “Receivings Transaction Entry”.  That means if you print transaction descriptions on a Accounts Payable cheque or EFT remittance, that’s what you see.

Here is a view of a posted journal entry reference field, the source you can see is RECVG, and the default description which appears if the user does not change it during entry:


Here is where the field comes from, in Receivings Transaction Entry:


And here is what shows when posted:


Hopefully this helps some of you out there who have been looking for where to change this description!

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