Forcing a SQL login in Web Client

Here’s my next #TipTuesday post, which is somewhat of a follow up on another post a few days ago about Web Client & Account Level Security. In that article, I described a couple of bugs that are really authentication related that prevent using Account Level Security (ALS) in the Web Client. That bug is predicated on one assumption: that you’re using the default Windows authentication to log into Web Client.

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Web Client & Account Level Security

So, I learned some interesting and unfortunate news today. You see, I’ve been troubleshooting an odd issue with the GP 2016 Web Client. We’re in the early stages of upgrading from Dynamics GP 2013 to GP 2016. The news? The GP Web Client doesn’t play nicely if Account Level Security is enabled in a given company.

What’s somewhat fascinating to me is no one I’ve talked to has ever heard of this yet we are on the 4th version of the web client with GP 2018! I guess that tells me that Account Level Security is not widely adopted by clients using Web Client.

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Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2012 – Web Client part 1

Tuesday was the unofficial first day of the conference for me with the agenda being one of two things for those who chose to come a day early.  There was a sales presentation for those on the business development side and there was technical training on the web client for the rest of us.

Generally you have to pay for training but due to the importance of this product release and the new content, Microsoft put this training on for free – which was awesome.  They really want to make sure the Partner channel is informed and ready for the web client specifically, and understand the “stack” dependencies to be able to troubleshoot it when it does release.
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