Power BI, Excel & GP – Starting from scratch

The first part of my series around Power BI, Excel & Dynamics GP begins with some of the basics, and a way to start learning Power Query, literally starting from scratch.

From my experience, an audience that is often overlooked are users who want to learn more or improve their skills but doesn’t know where to start, and everything they find starts at a point they don’t understand or can’t get to. For example, this post starts without getting into directly accessing data from SQL, which admittedly adds a level of complexity that some users have trouble getting past. Most of the rest of this series I will be accessing SQL data as that’s more efficient, but in this one, I’m using SmartList exports to make the learning more accessible.

This is post #1 of the series, aside from the introduction post here. In this post, I’m using the context of Dynamics GP to make a “real world” example with Accounts Payable data.

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