Currency symbols in Dynamics GP

This is another post in my #TipTuesday series. Today’s topic is a commentary on currency IDs as well as a tip on currency symbols.

I doubt everyone will agree with my thoughts on the items below as there are different approaches to configuring Dynamics GP. I think this also has elements of an “it depends” situation whether it makes sense for your organization or not. In any case, here is my take on currency setup & symbols and a couple of my tips I follow when configuring currencies.

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View options for multicurrency

Today’s #TipTuesday is another multicurrency tip. This is a simple one but I have still seen many customers with transactional errors simply because the user’s settings are such that it’s easy to mistakenly enter a transaction in the wrong currency.

If your Dynamics GP environment doesn’t have multicurrency enabled, this post is of no value to you! However, for everyone else, when you transact in another currency, this tip may be useful and lead to fewer errors in data entry or analysis.

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