Fun with Writing Dynamics Pros Exam Questions

Several months ago, I volunteered to sit on an exam sub-committee with the Association of Dynamics Professionals. This simply means, I volunteered to help write and review exam questions for Dynamics GP exams. Having passed both the exams that exist today (Financials and Install/Config), I felt it was a good chance to help improve the exams and write for future exams too.
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I’m the first Professional Member of Dynamics Pros!

How cool is that?

So, last week I received an email, as did many others, welcoming them to the new Association of Dynamics Professionals. If you had registered your interest when they were first putting their website up, I assume you were one of the ones who received this email.

The email suggested to update your profile and log in to the new website etc., so I went ahead and gave it a try, always the keener! I knew I wanted to register for the exams coming up at reImagine 2015 in September, so I figured I would check out the new website, and then sign up.
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