GP Airlift 2013 – Day 3 – Part 1 of 2

Today was the final day of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift in Fargo. So much information was presented today that I don’t even know where to start!

The sessions today were all general sessions, no breakouts.  First was a Town Hall Q&A session with several of the key staff from Microsoft answering various questions.  Second was a session on Perpetual Pricing by Pam Misialek.  Last was the “WOW” session that all week (& leading up to this conference) was promised to be content too valuable to leave early.

As I started to write this blog, I realized it is too long for one article so I’m splitting this into two parts.
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GP Airlift 2013 – Day 2

Day 2 at the 2013 Dynamics GP Technical Airlift seemed a lot less busy. Not in the sense of fewer people attending, but in the sense of less rush, less overload. Chalk it up to a better night’s sleep the second night (and chalk that up to less socializing last night, haha, no correlation there I’m sure!).

Today was a mixed bag of sessions for me, once again, partaking in some developer sessions and some consultant sessions.  I must admit yesterday I wished I could clone myself as I would have loved to see 2 or 3 more of the things yesterday, where today I had trouble selecting sessions because not as many stuck out as obvious “must attend” ones to me.
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GP Airlift 2013 – Day 1

Wow, what a day!  The first day at these conferences is all about getting acclimated to the pace of the day and the overwhelming amount of information that is presented to you. I always find the first day is more tiring than the subsequent days, as I’m not used to being on the receiving end of a long day of content and information to process.  It reminds me what clients in training must feel like!

Today was no different, and I’m taking a break from the socializing and adult beverages for a moment to try to review my day and share what managed to stay in my head this long!  I took a lot of notes, I tend to be a “write things down” person, it helps me remember it much better, even though we get the powerpoint slide decks later.  I also was trying to tweet throughout the day and keep up with the steady flow of #GPAirlift13 content flowing through the twitterverse.
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GP Airlift 2013 – Getting to Fargo

Hey, look! It’s my semi-annual blog article… OK, I jest a little, and hopefully today am starting back with regular blogs.

I’m in lovely Fargo as I write this, having arrived mid afternoon, the day before the Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2013 kicks off.  Unlike last year, I didn’t partake in any of the pre-conference classes offered.  Although there were several that appealed to me, it was hard enough to take this time off to come, so I didn’t take the extra day.
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eConnect error “configured identity is incorrect”

A client recently had an issue with their nightly eConnect integrations, getting an error about the username and password.

This integration had been live for nearly 2 years, running every night, and running without issue – or at least without this kind of issue. In other words, fairly stable.  They also never touch the service accounts, so the thought that the password might have been changed was nearly impossible.
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Full vs Light User licenses

This is short and sweet – as I don’t usually post “sales” types of things and don’t intend to start now!

It’s somewhat of a tale of two client scenarios, and advice to those who hear certain things from their clients, and are in a position to recommend license options.

I’ve got two clients right now both of whom have expressed a need for additional user licenses in the near future.  Both of them have decent user bases right now (12 and 16 user licenses respectively). Both of them are running into issues with the maximum number of concurrent users being logged in, at various times of the day or week or month.
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Update on Account Number error in Canadian Payroll

A couple of years ago around this time of year, I got a call from a client of mine with a strange error in Canadian Payroll.  At the time, I ran into other significant issues in trying to help with said error, and at the time, I blogged/ranted about it here.

Fast forward to last month, when I received an email from another customer who was asking me “did you ever find out what the issue was with that error? We are having the same problem now!”.  We exchanged emails and I researched what notes I had taken at the time, and in the end, she confirmed for me that what worked for my client also worked for her.

So, this post is just an update on the issue and at least one resolution, in case it helps someone else out there. Some of this is a repeat of the rant blog, without the rant!

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Bizarro world: Integration Mgr “use input” doesn’t work

This is a short post… a bizarre issue that I can’t find an answer to.

A client has a bunch of inactive GL accounts and for a project, wants to re-active them to do some re-allocations and then inactive them again.  Simple right?

I set up a simple Integration Manager integration for them, and set the “Inactive” field to “Use Input”.  In other words, let the user decide if they are inactivating or re-activating the accounts.  Better than changing the integration, right?

Seemed like a good idea at the time.  So we set the field to Use Input and then they ran it, it gives them a drop down list, and they chose False, as in “re-activate”.  They run the integration and start getting a bunch of errors “This account has a current balance”.  Hmmm.  That should not matter if you are “activating” so I didn’t understand the message.
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