Dynamics GP MVP List

I created this page as a resource to quickly view all of the current Microsoft MVPs who focus on Dynamics GP in some way.

Starting with 2019 renewals, awards are no longer at a "product" level within an award category so, technically, none of us are "GP" MVPs, and thus I've removed the "count" graphic from the sidebar. The first list are those awarded in the category which contains Dynamics GP. The second list are those in the GP community who are no longer awarded for their GP activities, but are awarded in other areas.

(Current as of July 5, 2022)

Business Applications MVPs

Name/MVP Profile First Awarded Primary focus Where to follow them
Mariano Gomez 2008 Power Platform Twitter | Blog
Steve Endow 2014 Business Central Twitter | Blog
David Musgrave 2015 Dynamics GP Twitter | Blog
Jen Kuntz (me!) 2016 Dynamics GP, Power BI Twitter | Blog (this site)
Shawn Dorward 2017 Business Central Twitter | Blog

MVPs in other award categories (used to be GP MVPs too)

Name/MVP Profile First Awarded Where to follow them
Monzer Osama AL Shaikh 2008 Twitter | Website
Belinda Allen 2012 Twitter | GP Website | BI Website

The Business Applications award category includes the following product lines:

  • Dynamics NAV
  • Dynamics GP
  • Dynamics 365
  • PowerApps and Flow

Note: Dynamics SL is the one Dynamics product not included on the Microsoft list. If you’re looking for someone who you believe is a Microsoft MVP in the Dynamics GP "community" and isn't on this list, you may find them on my Blogs to Follow page (which contains former MVPs and other bloggers in the community).

Official Microsoft MVP Website

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