reImagine 2016 – Day 1, Part 1

Wow, day 1 was busy! I’m foregoing the eOne Solutions “Smartner Party” to write today’s blog and then hit the hay relatively early, since tomorrow will be an even longer day with the evening pub crawl!

First up was breakfast at the hotel starting at 7:00am. Then, everyone was shuttled up to Microsoft for the opening session, and the sales & marketing streams came back to the hotel after that for the day. The developer & consulting streams stayed at Microsoft for the day, which was fine with me.
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reImagine 2016 – Pre-Conference Training Day

So, yesterday came and went without me seeing anyone I knew that’s here for the conference. I did have a fellow GP Canadian come over and introduce himself when I was at Buffalo Wild Wings. Paul Johnson, from Winnipeg, follows me on Twitter and recognized me from my profile pic. We grabbed a drink and got to know each other and talk about the conference and general life in GP land.
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Fun with Writing Dynamics Pros Exam Questions

Several months ago, I volunteered to sit on an exam sub-committee with the Association of Dynamics Professionals. This simply means, I volunteered to help write and review exam questions for Dynamics GP exams. Having passed both the exams that exist today (Financials and Install/Config), I felt it was a good chance to help improve the exams and write for future exams too.
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Mgmt. Reporter Quirk – Tree Filters & Unit Restrictions

I’m just catching up on my “to blog” folder and finding a few Dynamics GP or Management Reporter topics that I intended to write about a few months ago. This is another one that actually may end up being more than one post, as I think there are multiple “quirks” going on here.

This one just doesn’t make sense to me and describing it to someone on the Microsoft Partner Technical forums, they said it should work based on how I described it but they cannot reproduce the issue. This is all based on CU14, Mgmt. Reporter 2012 for the record.
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Dynamics GP Word Template Error & Compatibility Mode

A client of mine is implementing Dynamics GP EFT for Payables (yay, no more cheques soon!)… and I needed to modify the Remittance Form that gets emailed to the vendors when they are paid. If nothing else, I needed to change the title “Check Remittance” to anything but the US spelling of cheque!

I did my modifications – pretty basic ones. I changed the title, I altered the size of a couple of header boxes to line some things up and removed some fields that the client didn’t need. (Who really needs Document Amount, Discount Amount, Net Amount and Amount Paid anyway?). Overall, pretty basic stuff, and nothing I hadn’t done before at other clients.
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