Dynamics GP Email – Login Failed error

Today’s #TipTuesday post is a pretty short one. A client of mine recently merged with another firm and part of that was everyone getting new email addresses for a new web domain. For most of the users that used email functionality in GP, it was a non-event: they simply logged into the “Exchange Log On” prompt with their new email and password and continued with their task.

For one user, however, they were stuck in an endless loop of “Login Failed: check your login information and try again.”. In this case, the user had gotten married and had a name change so their Exchange profile had numerous aliases in it, which may be related to this, but I’m not 100% sure of that (it was the only “unique” thing I could think of for this individual).

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Enabling the Canadian Payroll module

Today’s post is short-ish and sweet. In my last post, I documented where to go to get registration keys. In the last part of the post, I had added a note that was specific to Canadian Payroll and today learned that it no longer applies, at least not for recent versions of Dynamics GP. I have edited that part of the post now…

This post is a very brief overview of the 2 things that need to be done in a company in Dynamics GP where you want to use the Canadian Payroll module. At some point I may start a series on more topics around Canadian Payroll but for today, it’s just two things you may want to know that aren’t necessarily obvious or well documented. Please note: this is specific to Dynamics GP, this is not a general “payroll in Canada” post!

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Where can I find my registration keys on CustomerSource?

This is a short post. I went looking for a customer’s registration keys and could not remember how to get to them now that the old CustomerSource links are dead and buried.

So… future “me”, this is your reminder! And for those who stumble across this, you’re welcome, I hope the info stays “correct” for the next few years so I don’t have to look for this again!

NOTE: I am not covering what to do if you cannot log in, that is outside of the expertise I can provide! If in doubt, contact your partner, and ask them to set you up as a professional under your account so you can log in.

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Power BI, Excel & GP – Data Access

This is the third post in the series and I am going to dedicate this post to how to access GP data in terms of describing some of the options and factors to consider. Very little of this will have “how to” information about Power Query, but I will continue that in the next post.

The previous posts in the series so far are:

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Power BI, Excel & GP – Starting from scratch

The first part of my series around Power BI, Excel & Dynamics GP begins with some of the basics, and a way to start learning Power Query, literally starting from scratch.

From my experience, an audience that is often overlooked are users who want to learn more or improve their skills but doesn’t know where to start, and everything they find starts at a point they don’t understand or can’t get to. For example, this post starts without getting into directly accessing data from SQL, which admittedly adds a level of complexity that some users have trouble getting past. Most of the rest of this series I will be accessing SQL data as that’s more efficient, but in this one, I’m using SmartList exports to make the learning more accessible.

This is post #1 of the series, aside from the introduction post here. In this post, I’m using the context of Dynamics GP to make a “real world” example with Accounts Payable data.

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Power BI, Excel & Dynamics GP

Soon I will be starting a new series of posts around Dynamics GP and how to get data out of it with Power BI or Excel via Power Query. There is no shortage of reporting options available for Dynamics GP customers, with many ISV (3rd party) products out there to augment some out of the box options (Report Writer, SmartLists). However, as with accounting departments everywhere, there is a heavy reliance on Excel as the “go to” tool for reporting and data analysis.

There are a lot of customers who do a lot of “export this SmartList to Excel and then do X” to get data ready. I’ve found many users do things in Excel that are repeatable yet are unaware of Power Query and more advanced ETL (Extract, Transform, & Load) techniques to automate some of the work. The other part of the coin here is there are many times where users or management want to get dashboards and higher level metrics on how they are doing, not just data dumps to wade through. I hope to cover a bit of both here.

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2021 year in review

It’s hard to believe it’s the start of another year. 2020 felt like it lasted forever while 2021 was a blur. I think 2021 was “2020 one” and 2022 is “2020 two”, which is what this pandemic feels like at the moment, that 2020 has never actually ended. Nearly two years into this pandemic and people still don’t know how to wear a mask properly, but I digress…

Anyway, it’s always interesting re-reading the previous year or two’s posts to see where my head was at. Last year, I made no resolutions but did mention some things I thought might happen, so here’s how I fared.

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Top 10 Blog Posts from 2021

I didn’t do this last year for 2020, but I like to look back at what posts had the most views during the previous year to see what has staying power and what piqued other’s curiosity. Interestingly enough, not a single 2021 blog post made my top 10 list. That’s not too surprising to me since I was inactive for so long into the year, that the posts I had have not had a lot of time yet to gain any traction.

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