Account Maintenance Options

Today’s #TipTuesday is a “back to the basics” tip. I wanted to cover off a few areas in G/L Account Maintenance that are often overlooked or that users are unaware of.

The first one, Allow Account Entry, is a favourite of mine because too often I’ve seen organizations with reconciliation issues that were caused by “rogue” journal entries posted directly to accounts that shouldn’t ever be posted directly to.

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Reverse Fiscal Year End Close

This #TipTuesday discusses the feature introduced in GP 2013 R2, the ability to reverse a Fiscal year-end close (i.e. re-open a closed fiscal year).

Generally speaking, there should be very few reasons why this is necessary in the first place, as you have the ability to post to the previous (most recent) closed year already, which I hope most people are aware of. However, there are a couple of situations where I can see this occurring:

  • Some event requiring restatement of a year prior to the most recent closed year. Other than adjusting opening retained earnings, you could re-open the year to post exactly where you want this entry done and then re-close.
  • Fixing issues where GL accounts were set up with the wrong posting type!

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Big news! I’ve changed jobs!

It’s true, I’ve changed jobs, and not only that, I am no longer self-employed or working as a consultant.

I haven’t worked as a regular employee at a regular firm for 17 years. Holy cow!

I officially started on Monday of this past week, full time, at Energy+ Inc. as the Manager, Business Solutions. Energy+ is a Local Distribution Company (LDC) regulated by the Ontario Energy Board, delivering hydro (electricity) to approximately 65,000 customers in the City of Cambridge, Township of North Dumfries and County of Brant. They are a Dynamics GP customer (& GPUG member) who I have been providing consulting services to on and off over the past 2.5 years.

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