Canadian Payroll 2022 Year End Update

This is a few days late but the 2022 Canadian Payroll year end tax update for Dynamics GP was released earlier this week, on Wednesday. There were some unfortunate delays to getting this one released because of a late change for Quebec. Every year it seems like something causes a delay!

Download details

Like last year, there is only one download, which is a patch for “Microsoft Dynamics GP” to bring the code base to 18.5. This includes all of the functionality announced in October 2022 when 18.5 was first released plus the tax changes for year end payroll and other fixes since October.

Download page: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics/s-e/gp/mdgp2018_release_download_378

GP Core version: 18.5.1596

Canadian Payroll version: 18.5.1614

What has changed?

The changes this year were relatively minimal - no RL-1 form or XML changes, no T4 or T4A form or XML changes. The T4127 guide and other CRA sites have details. See the links on the page above for details.

What to watch for

When updating one of my clients’ sites, I ran into an issue with the Business Intelligence report deployment going in a never ending loop. It would tell me the SSRS report server URL is not valid, and clicking Retry or Cancel just brought the same window back up. The way to get around that is to end task out of GP Utilities, and then relaunch.

The message: “The SQL Reporting Services report server URL is not valid.”

In my specific case, the client uses a custom URL on the SSRS site, that is not accessible from the SQL server where I do the tax update itself. So, from the perspective of that application, the URL is not valid. I did not need to redeploy the reports anyway, so killing GP Utilities was the best approach.

PLEASE NOTE: do not kill GP Utilities if you are in the middle of the updates and it does not seem to be doing anything, I am only describing when to end task in this very specific scenario!

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