Canadian Payroll Mid-Year Update 2021

A week or so ago, the mid-year update for Dynamics GP was dropped. For Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll users, there are only tax changes in 1 jurisdiction - New Brunswick. In addition to the CPY updates, there are a number of other fixes in this update. As is typical with the mid-year update, it is more than just Canadian Payroll updates, it’s a full service pack.

For all of the details on the other changes, please refer to Terry Heley’s blog post. There are simply too many updates listed to summarize!

Eligible versions

There are updates for GP 2016 and Microsoft Dynamics GP (aka 18.3). GP 2015 support expired in April 2020 and is no longer supported. ** This is the last update for GP 2016 users as well **. If you are running payroll in GP 2016, ensure you upgrade prior to 2021 year end.

What’s new?

As mentioned above, there are some tax changes for New Brunswick, but that’s about it from a pure Canadian Payroll perspective.

For Dynamics GP (aka 18.3), check the list in Terry’s blog as you may find something that was fixed affects you and you want to install this mid-year update.

For Dynamics GP 2016, only some of the fix list applies to that build/version, most of the fixes are for 18.3 only. The blog post above lists beside each item which applies to GP 2016.

Dynamics GP 2016

  • Download links
  • GP version after install: 16.00.0901
  • CanPay version after install: 16.00.0911

Dynamics GP (18.3)

  • Download links
  • GP version after install: 18.3.1290
  • CanPay version after install: 18.03.1307

GP 2016 reminder

Another reminder: support for GP 2016 stops July 13, 2021. Anyone requiring tax updates will need to upgrade prior to year end 2021 as there won’t be a tax update for that version.

We are nearly at the point where there is functionally one version of Dynamics GP supported and it’s just ‘Dynamics GP’. The most recent build is 18.3, and the Fall 2021 release will bring us to 18.4. Customers needing a tax update should know they will also be getting 18.4 updates at the same time (if you do not update before year end when Fall 2021 is released).

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