Canadian Payroll 2020 Mid-Year Tax Update

This is a bit belated, but I wanted to share the info about this year’s tax update for those in affected jurisdictions. Last year, there were no changes in any jurisdiction. This year, there are only changes in 2 jurisdictions - British Columbia and Yukon. There are fixes for a couple of issues with Quebec around the RL-1 XML file and QPIP.

Eligible versions

There are updates for GP 2016 and Microsoft Dynamics GP (aka 18.2). GP 2015 support expired in April and is no longer supported (for tax changes).

What’s new?

As mentioned above, there are some tax changes for Yukon and BC. If you have employees in Quebec, there is a fix around the RL-1 XML file and updates for 2020 amounts on QPIP. More info is on the official Microsoft support blog found here.

For Dynamics GP (aka 18.2), there are a bunch of random fixes outlined in the blog post above. Even if you don’t have employees in Yukon, BC or Quebec, you may find something that was fixed affects you and you want to install this mid-year update.

For Dynamics GP 2016, only some of the fix list applies to that build/version, most of the fixes are for 18.2. The blog post above lists beside each item which applies to GP 2016.

Dynamics GP 2016

  • (Links removed, no longer valid)
  • GP version after install: 16.00.0814
  • CanPay version after install: 16.00.0847

Dynamics GP (18.2)

  • (Links removed, no longer valid)
  • GP version after install: 18.2.1100
  • CanPay version after install: 18.2.1106

GP 2016 reminder

Just an early reminder: support for GP 2016 stops next July 2021. Consider this your 1-year reminder if you are using Canadian Payroll in Dynamics GP 2016, you need to upgrade prior to year end 2021 as there won’t be a tax update. At that point, there will be one active version of Dynamics GP, without any “YYYY” suffix! In my opinion, that will make things easier for a lot of customers and partners, the “updates” will be smaller in nature and more manageable for most scenarios.

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