Canadian Payroll 2019 Year End Update

This post is extremely late, but I wanted to get it out there anyway for those that have just concluded their last 2019 payrolls for the year.

The Canadian Payroll 2019 year end tax updates for Dynamics GP were released on December 18th. Here are some links to get you what you need for this year end.

Two reminders for you, depending on what version you are operating:

  1. If you are running GP 2018, the year end update will include the October 2019 feature release! I wrote about that in this article
  2. If you are running GP 2015, the support ends in April 2020 so this is the last year end tax update you will receive. To continue to get future tax updates (mid-year or end-of-2020), you will need to upgrade!


The official blog post for the update:

Documentation for the update: (yes, the URL implies it’s for 2018, but it is not…)


GP 2015

GP 2016

Dynamics GP (and GP 2018)

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