Dynamics GP is on docs.microsoft.com!

Great news! Dynamics GP documentation is starting to make its way onto the docs.microsoft.com platform. That is AWESOME! So many of us have been vocal about the lack of updated documentation and this is a good first step about addressing that IMHO.

Why is this so great?

Take a look at all of the other Microsoft products and services that already have documentation on this platform! It’s everything or close to it.

Having Dynamics GP documentation on the same platform, with the same consistent look and feel as other things in their ecosystem is great news. Having always been on its own island in the past, the Dynamics suite of products were always off on their own on Customersource/Partnersource. With Dynamics 365, that started to change. Yes, product downloads and support are still on the “business applications” centric pages, that likely may change too some day.

Where do I find it?

For now, use the direct link: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics-gp

As of writing this blog post, the navigation has not yet been updated, so based on a little trial and error on my own, you may not be able to “find” this page via normal menu options yet.

It appears that it will be nested under the larger brand umbrella of Dynamics 365, based on the breadcrumb link on the top of the page. However, if you click on the Dynamics 365 hyperlink, there is no corresponding link back to this page yet.

I would expect it won’t be long before all the workflow behind getting this page up and adding it to the menus will be sorted out.

What can I find in there today?

Right now, you’ll find What’s New information for GP 2015 through to GP 2018 R2, by release. On the left hand side will be navigation for other documentation items as they become available and on each article page itself, the right hand side is a navigation within an article of the different major sections.

Last thoughts

This is a huge first step. Since GP 2015 (I think, I can’t remember for sure), documentation within the product stopped being updated as regularly and we started seeing help files labelled with a different product version than what was installed, and new features not being updated.

This pic above is my GP 2018 R2 (fresh off the compiler) installation yet the Help file reference is 3 products ago. To me, that is embarrassing for GP, and unacceptable, and I haven’t been the only one who is pretty vocal about it.

This is the start but it likely will be a long road. Not only hasn’t the help been updated for several versions, converting that baseline to the Docs format will take some time. The nice thing is the platform encourages collaboration and feedback via its connection with GitHub. Over time, the community will be able to participate in providing feedback or pull requests for documentation changes.

What will remain to be seen is how that is received by the product team in Fargo. It may work well for all of the other product teams but this will be a significant departure in how documentation has been managed for Dynamics GP in the past! As an MVP, I hope it’s adopted as we are often working on what has been called “Hack a Doc” sessions where we dive into docs.microsoft.com documentation to review and edit things in a mass flurry and it’s a lot of fun. What isn’t as fun is being one of the only MVPs in the room whose product is not on the Docs site! I look forward to the next one, now that I can review something I have deep knowledge on!

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