Ditching my home phone

So, last weekend I joined the club of people who are ditching their home phones in favour of using a cell phone instead. I picked up a cool little flip phone too, going completely old-school in the process! I’ve already had co-workers laughing at me with a flip phone. It’s ok. I know I’m a cool cat, LOL!

Let me explain…

Part of changing from self-employment to being an employee was getting a company cell phone and the phone of choice for me was an iPhone 8. That meant getting a new phone number but I haven’t had a “local” cell phone number for nearly 20 years. Way back when I started my consulting career, I was living in Toronto and thus got a 416 number. Many years later, so many clients and former colleagues have that number, not to mention friends and family, that the thought of giving it up just wasn’t going to be a realistic possibility.

The 416 number was my official business number but since I am working on shutting down the business, that means it now becomes a personal expense. I have/had an iPhone for that number. Smartphone plans are expensive, and I didn’t see the point of carrying around 2 iPhones and paying for my own smartphone plan when I have a work phone with that on it.

So, I bought a flip phone. Yes, an actual old school flip phone. They still sell them! Go figure. It’s now what I use for my 416 number, so I don’t lose that and the ability to make/receive calls to friends and family and former colleagues etc. My unlimited call and text plan is country-wide and $40 a month instead of the $120 a month I was paying for my smartphone plan. For a number that will get less and less use, it makes perfect sense.

Part 2 of this story is the home phone. One of the other things I did when looking at the cell phone plan was to re-evaluate my home phone, internet and cable TV package. I had a pretty sweet deal as those things go, but the home phone has become a waste of time. 90% of the phone calls I get are from collection agencies. Some deadbeat who had the number before me is being chased down so I have been getting a phone call and voicemail nearly every day for some guy I’ve never heard of. What a waste of my time and spending money on that seemed ridiculous. I don’t get a lot of phone calls at home, so, I ditched the home phone.

It’s been a week without the home phone so far and it’s a little odd not using my old home phone to make calls when I’m at home but I’m getting used to it. I’m not tied to being AT home which is the nice thing if I’m expecting a call. My parents, sister and my better half all live in different cities and are all considered “long distance” for phoning anyway so having a local home phone number didn’t seem to have any value to me.

The best part of this whole thing? I’m saving over $100 a month now. I got an upgraded internet package with Rogers and kept my existing cable TV plan, ditched the home phone, ditched the big cell phone package and the relatively low cost of the flip phone plan makes my total bill very reasonable. Sweet!

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    Belinda Allen - February 20, 2018

    I haven’t had a home Land Line in almost 20 years. The only time it was a problem was back in 2003, when we had the blackout in NYC. I had to go to a friend’s apartment and use her non-electric wired land line to let my folks know we were fine. You know how mothers worry.

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