Canadian Payroll January 2018 Hotfix

Hey there, Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll clients! Welcome to January and the rare occasion where we have a hotfix for our payroll! Here is the link to the official Microsoft Dynamics GP blog with the details, I encourage you to read what is fixed in case it affects you!

Who is affected?

If you are running payroll in Quebec, you need to install this update, as it contains Quebec tax update changes plus an RL-1 form change. Per this blog post (scroll down for updates from Terry Heley), there was also an issue with the Alberta basic amount which sounds like it has been fixed in this hotfix? (That part I have not confirmed).

If you are running Dynamics GP 2018, this will now have the tax update that was not included in the year-end releases.

For everyone else, as always, review the link above and the items that have been resolved. There are numerous smaller things which may not seem like small things if they affect your organization! If you see something that affects you, you should consider installing this hotfix too. Otherwise, you’re safe to ignore it. Any subsequent service pack or tax update will include these same fixes, they are cumulative.

Versions affected

  • GP 2013 - this is the last patch for this version! Time to upgrade!
    • Version 12.00.2230
  • GP 2015
    • Version 14.00.1100
  • GP 2016 (releasing this week)
    • Version 16.00.0673
  • GP 2018 (releasing this week)
    • Version 18.00.0427
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