Collaborate Canada 2017 Vancouver

Today was the final event of the 4-city cross-Canada tour for Collaborate Canada. In case you missed my earlier posts, the event was aimed at users of 4 of the Dynamics product lines: GP, CRM, NAV, and AX (plus 365 in the mix with it’s AX/CRM/NAV counterparts).

This location was easily my favourite of all of them, for many reasons! The city is fantastic, from getting to downtown from the airport via Skytrain (how easy is that?), to a great day off touring Granville Island and the markets and shops, to the actual event day and location itself.

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Collaborate Canada 2017 Toronto

Toronto was the 2nd location for the 4 city “Collaborate Canada” tour across Canada. I’m writing this nearly a week later (but the blog post date is backdated to the date of this event).

The audience was quite a bit larger than Montreal, estimated to be around 200 people in total between Dynamics GP, AX, NAV, CRM and 365 users and partners. It’s hard to say if the number was that high but the opening session sure seemed like there were way more people than the opening session in Montreal on November 14th.

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Collaborate Canada 2017 Montreal

This was the first day of a 4 city “Collaborate Canada” tour across Canada, and the event was hosted in Montreal, Quebec. The expected audiences would be users of Dynamics AX, CRM, NAV, GP or 365.

Although I enjoyed the day and the experience, I can honestly describe the day as having some “good, bad and ugly” to it.

Dynamics Communities (DCI), who organizes the conferences, expected 150 attendees and through the rumour mill yesterday, it sounds like the attendance was around that.

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