GPUG Amplify 2017 coming soon!

Are you going to GPUG Amplify? Have you heard about GPUG Amplify? No?

Well… Dynamics Communities & Microsoft combined to create & host Amplify last year to fill the gap left by Convergence.  Convergence, which started out wayyyy back as a Dynamics GP-only conference, was discontinued last year, and replaced by a conference (Envision) which has already been cancelled itself, and rolled in with a different conference instead.

This year marks the second year of this conference, and by all accounts, it will be another fantastic event! This year it’s back in Anaheim, CA, March 19-21st, 2017.

What I love about Amplify is it is all Dynamics GP, 100%!  If you’re one of those folks who thinks or has heard GP is going away, this is one solid piece of evidence that it’s not. Microsoft and Dynamics Communities are not going to host a single-product conference for a dying product…

Since I’m also somewhat crowd-averse, another thing I love about Amplify is the smaller, more intimate size of the event, vs. GPUG Summit, which is a cast of thousands. You’ll have more opportunities to meet and interact with attendees, partners, MVPs, GPUG All-Stars, and of course, Microsoft. With a large conference like Summit, you’re lucky if you see the same person twice. At Amplify, you’ll see the same people multiple times and get a chance to network and connect with others.

Who’s going?

Here is a partial list of who I’m aware of that is attending, from the Dynamics GP MVP community as well as some GPUG All-Stars:

Those are the folks scheduled to present or that I’ve heard are attending. I’m sure there are more, not to mention many familiar names from the open forum if you are on GPUG.com often enough.

What’s the difference between Amplify & Summit?

Bob Buresh made up a great graphic to compare the two conference and I’ve stolen and posted that graphic below.

What am I doing at Amplify?

I’m not presenting at a session this time, but I am moderating one of the new industry round-table events, on Tuesday March 21st, 2-3pm. When I’m not doing that, I’ll be checking out the other fantastic content and catching up with those I’ve met at these conferences over the years. That is my favourite part! Being self-employed, I work solo most of the time, so going to these conferences gives me the opportunity to catch up with others in the same role and talk #MSDYNGP!

If you’re heading to California and want to meet, please find me and say hi or drop me a note here so I can find you. Don’t be shy!

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