Canadian Payroll 2016 Year End Update

Yes, it’s that time of year again!

Here’s an early present from Microsoft: the Canadian Payroll tax updates released a little earlier than normal this year. Yay!

As of writing this (Dec 15th), GP 2016’s download isn’t online yet but the link to the page is correct. Microsoft anticipates it being ready by Dec 16th sometime.

Update Dec 16th: had wrong blog link on Terry’s blog. Also a bit more about GP2016 and GP2015. As always, Terry Heley’s blog post has all of the details and here is the newest blog with more details.

Dynamics GP 2013 R2

  • Download link is (removed, dead link).
  • Build Numbers are 12.00.2135 Canadian Payroll and 12.00 2130 for core GP
  • There are T4 and RL-1 XML changes but no form changes this year plus tax changes for most if not all provinces and territories.

Dynamics GP 2015 R2

  • Download link is (removed, dead link).
  • Build Numbers are 14.00.1013  Canadian Payroll and 14.00.1016 for core GP
  • Changes are same as for GP 2013 plus some issue fixes (see Terry’s blog).

GP 2016 (yes, this will include Dec 1st’s R2 release)

  • Download link is (removed, dead link).
  • Build Numbers are 16.00.0559 Canadian Payroll and 16.00.0558 for core GP
  • Changes *will include* the R2 code so it will be a larger-than-typical “tax update”
  • For this version only, no more reg keys needed! Yay! Having company name specific keys is a pain in the butt…

Let’s hope that because there are minimal changes, this means everyone’s tax update will go smoothly! :)

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