CanPay ROE Issue with postal code

If you are a client using Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll, and use GP’s ROE functionality, this may be of use to you.

If you didn’t need the mid-year 2016 tax update, and only installed the year end 2015 tax update, there were a number of fixes in the ROE (Record of Employment) functions in a January hotfix that you may not have noticed or installed.

A client of mine showed me one issue and I’ve verified with Microsoft that is it one of the fixes in the January hotfix. The specific issue is when creating an ROE, the postal code isn’t being populated in the right box on the ROE window, and it’s a required field. Here’s an example of an employee maintenance window with the address set up normally:

CanPay EE Address

Here’s an example of an ROE for this employee. Notice that the postal code was formatted in the address block, not in the Postal Code field. This needs to be rectified by manually copying/pasting/typing it in the right field prior to saving.

CanPay ROE Postal Code

If you have found this or other ROE oddities, and have not installed either the January 2016 hotfix or the Mid-Year 2016 tax update, then look to install one of those, to rectify the issue. You don’t need to install both, and my typical recommendation for most clients would be just install the latest service pack, as it will include the January 2016 hotfix.

Here’s the Support and Services blog post about the fixes in the January 2016 hotfix.


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