GPUG Amplify 2016 – Day 3

Day 3 at Amplify was short and sweet, to enable the travelers to avoid the traffic that the Donald Trump rally might bring, which was scheduled to be at the Anaheim convention center next door! Originally we were supposed to start the day with a 9am breakout session followed by the closing keynote, ending the day at noon-ish. Everything got moved up by an hour, so we could get out of dodge without possible traffic delays.

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GPUG Amplify 2016 – Day 1 – Rest of the day

The remainder of the first day at Amplify consisted of breakout sessions (4 timeslots throughout the day), with expo time and lunch in the middle and a social/mingle sponsored welcome reception in the evening. Each session timeslot, there seemed to be 5 choices of session content, with one breakout timeslot being entirely ISV presentations. Overall the pace of the day was good, not quite a “full” feeling as previous conferences. The only negative in my mind was the extremely long break between in the middle of the day. The 2nd session ended at 11:15am and the third session started at 1:45pm. The intention was to have specific expo hours and a separate lunch break but that just felt way too long and in my opinion, could have been abbreviated to 90 minutes or perhaps even 2 hours but 2.5 hours just seemed excessive for a break in the middle of the day. I’d be curious how the expo vendors felt as they should have been the ones who benefited from that extreme amount of time.
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GPUG Amplify 2016 – Day 1 – General Session

Day 1 of the inaugural Amplify 2016 conference started with a general session at 8:30am. The general session followed the familiar format of introductions and general administrative things, followed by Dynamics GP product strategy, roadmap and GP 2016 product demos. I won’t get into details on “breakfast”. The organizers got an earful of feedback on the disappointing breakfast each day so I won’t add on with more on that. Let’s just say thank goodness for the Starbucks beside the meeting rooms! On the bright side, there was a wide selection of tea for me each day! 🙂
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GPUG Amplify 2016 – Pre-Conference

This is the first post of a small series of posts to come this week, outlining some of my thoughts and take-aways from the brand-spanking-new GPUG Amplify 2016 conference.

What is Amplify you ask? It’s a brand new conference, driven by demand from our fantastic Dynamics GP community, for end-users of Dynamics GP. With the transition of Convergence to a new conference called Envision, there was left behind a gap where the only “user” conference left – VAR conferences excepted – was GPUG Summit, where the focus is on peer-to-peer learning, rather than what’s new and upcoming from a Microsoft perspective.
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More Azure – part 1

In early May 2016, we saw the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and the general availability of the first two Canadian Azure data centres in Toronto and Quebec City. That combination gave me a chance to roll up my sleeves again and work with Azure a little more, as I want to ultimately host any of my own Azure machines in Canada, and of course, play with the last version of Dynamics GP!

One year ago now, I wrapped up a series of posts detailing my adventures with Microsoft Azure, learning about how it works, and what the cost looks like over the first few months of activity. The wrap-up post is here, which has the index of the series I wrote. Reading through those, most of what I wrote is useless now!

I hope to write some updated blog articles on what’s changed in Azure since I wrote about things last year. My experience recently has shown me that nearly everything I thought I knew last year, has changed! There is a new portal, which means deploying resources differently, with different terminology, different locations for finding some things etc.
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Poor man’s dashboard?

A client asked me where they could find out some metric-type information from the last couple of years’ processing in Dynamics GP, such as the number of A/P invoices processed, number of cheques processed etc.; and the same for A/R if possible.

Simple question, not so simple answer. I admit it never occurred to me, this information isn’t particularly easy to get to in GP in aggregate form, or I’m drawing a complete blank on where to get it. There are many inquiry windows but most with this type of thing are at a customer level, not company level.

So, I wrote a couple of quick smartlists – one for A/P, one for A/R, and I thought I’d write it out as this client likely isn’t the first one to ask this question! I’ll call it a poor man’s dashboard… it’s simple, and for those who haven’t delved into dashboards yet or graphs or KPIs, this may suffice for some simple information about what you’re processing in Dynamics GP.
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