Re-branding "me" - changing my twitter handle

Quick update: I’ve changed my twitter handle from @kuntzconsulting to @jenkuntzGP (Link removed, migrating off Twitter now).


Well… it’s something that I’ve thought about for a long time. When I first started my business, I didn’t know what direction my new consulting firm would be heading in: solo consultant for life or start to grow and build a team. Nearly 7 years into my latest self-employment adventure, it’s pretty clear, I love being a solo consultant. So much of social media is marketing & branding. The Dynamics GP community is very active, something I’m proud to be a part of, and contribute to. I’m semi-active on Twitter, more during conferences and such, and a little less so day to day. When I write, my tweets (and my blogs) are my own, 100%, no ghost writers, no social media guy or gal sending out messages on my behalf. So I figured it’s time to really just be me. I’ve never written from a “I’m representing my company today” point of view, so why have a corporate twitter handle when I’m really just a solo consultant in this great Dynamics GP consulting space?

Twitter is pretty personal so I’ve chosen to make this change and plan to continue to tweet the same kinds of things as I’ve always done. The only difference is I’ve now got 2 twitter handles!

@jmkgolfnut - if you’re so inclined… that’s purely personal stuff; rarely, if ever, does #MSDYNGP get mentioned!

@jenkuntzGP, my old @kuntzconsulting handle renamed. Anyone who follows me on twitter, you’ll now just see the new name!

Thanks for hanging around and following me!

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