Tips & Tricks – Date Shortcuts

Here are few quick and easy tips for you keyboard lovers when it comes to dates inside Dynamics GP.

  1. When you are on a date field, the + and – keys on your keyboard will increment the date forward or backwards.
  2. Dates can be entered according to your computer date format without the year and without the slashes.  Assuming your date format is MM/DD/YYYY for instance, to enter October 8th, you simply type 1008 and it knows it’s 2010 today.
  3. If you forget what your computer’s date format is, look at the User Date field (on the primary Dynamics GP window for versions GP9 and prior and on the upper right corner of every window in GP10 and newer).  The User Date is displayed in MM/DD or DD/YY format of your computer and is an easy way to remember!

(originally posted on, and migrated to this site in October 2017)

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